Six Simple Steps to sponsor a new club member

  1. Invite the prospective member to one or more club meetings. Fill out the Prospective Member Card and give it to the club secretary or the Membership Committee chair.

  2. After two guest appearances, if your prospective member is interested in pursuing membership, get a Membership Proposal Form from the club secretary and fill it out with the prospective member. Return the application to the club secretary.

  3. The club secretary presents the application to the club board. After board approval, the proposed applicant and his or her classification is published in The Light.

  4. If there are no objections to the applicant seven days after publication, the Membership Committee chair and the proposed member's sponsor contact the Orientation Chair to schedule an orientation meeting for the proposed member. At the orientation meeting the proposed member pays the $40 initiation fee.

  5. After the orientation, the club president, the sponsor, and the proposed member agree on the most convenient date for the new member's induction — often the following week.

  6. The president conducts the induction ceremony. A mentor is assigned to new member to facilitate new member's integration into the club.

This process can take two to four weeks or longer depending on the applicant and scheduling.