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Harold Bauer

After a very successful three years, Harold Bauer accepted an encore to chair the International Service Committee again in 2012-13. Meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:15 a.m. in Café International at RI World Headquarters. Harold conducts a lively discussion of each funding proposal. Many people who propose projects for funding have experience in the country where the project will take place. Our budget may be limited, but we like to discuss all aspects of a project.

Projects in 2012-13

Updated thru
24 June
Water wells for the village of Napenkara through Future for Faso Children $10,500
Honduras water project, Rotary Club of St. Charles 3,000
Vanavehu, Children of the Soil Foundation; children in Zimbabwe 3,000
Arc of Hope, solar panel for school in Uganda 1,500
Guatemala Global Grant; WASH, Rotary Club of Barrington Breakfast 1,000
Burangi Project; water culverts in Kenya 1,000
2 cows and a biodigester for energy project in Burkina Faso 1,332
Cleft palette surgeries in Guatemala through Foundation T.E.S.S. Unlimited 595
Water catchment tank for school in Uganda 500
District club presidents education project in Mexico 500
Ak’Tenamit, education project in Guatemala 500
The Tandana Foundation; books for a reading project in Ecuador 400
District Kids Against Hunger project 100
Sharecircle (assistance with shipping bicycles and computers to Angola 1,000
TESS (2 cleft palette surgeries in Guatemala) 400
Total funding $25,327

Projects in 2011-12

In the year ended 30 June 2012, the International Service Committee spent $13,133 on thirteen projects:  Projects in 2011-12.

English language project in Madura, South India

English tutor Hallie Mayer and her students

In November 2011, Gary Schultz and two tutors began a new phase of the project that teaches English to youth living at an orphanage in South India. One of the volunteer tutors, Hallie Mayer, is pictured with her students. Gary and two other tutors were the first visitors to use three new guest rooms at the orphanage. Tutors can now stay longer since they do not have hotel and meal expenses. English tutoring at the orphanage will now be done whenever tutors visit instead of only once a year when Gary led groups of tutors during the Matching Grant phase of the project.

ESL Teaching Awards - Gary's Honeybees.JPG Gary Schultz is shown with students that he tutored during the summer of 2010. Links below have pictures and comments about life in South India, new rooms for tutors, and the Matching Grant phase of the project that began in 2008:

Water and sanitation project in Aba, Nigeria

DGN Buchi Onuoha, DG Gabriel Toby and Steve Carlson at New Oleans Rotary Convention. The picture shows two of our partners from Distrit 9140 in Nigeria (DGN Buchi Onuoha & DG Gabriel Toby) with Steve Carlson at the Rotary convention in New Orleans. Our largest project is funded by a $300,000 grant from The Rotary Foundation that was approved by the TRF Trustees in April, 2008. The project is to provide clean, drinking water to 21 Secondary Boarding Schools that average 2,000 students; install toilet facilities with running water and showers in at least two of these schools, introduce Rotary Interact Clubs for the students, and provide a program and training courses for attaining water, sanitation and hygiene sustainability among the students, their households and the immediate community.

Project details

Home & Life Orphanage in Phuket, Thailand

Siessourby, Dieneba, Root and some of the children Many lives were lost when a tsunami devastated the Thai coast in late 2004. As a memorial to their son Ben who perished in the storm, the Abels family established a donor advised fund with The Rotary Foundation that has contributed to the rebuilding effort. A large distribution from this fund, along with smaller contributions from club members and our Rotary club, was used to purchase land for the Home and Life Orphanage in Phuket.

Dieneba Soma (third from left) and her daughter Siessourby (on right of banner) volunteered at the orphanage during the summer of 2010.

Project details