Our Service Projects

Pictures from recent projects

Most service projects are planned by one of three committees: Community Service, International Service, and Vocational Service and New Generations. Projects can be “hands on” like our Adopt–A–Highway volunteers or “grant making” when we select projects to support with financial contributions. Sometimes Rotarians actively participate in a project and also make financial contributions. In 2010, we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary with two special projects described at the bottom of the page. Links below the picture can be used to view pictures of other projects.

Highway cleanup volunteers
Steve Goranson, Mark Sereika, and Gordon Zerkel helped at the Lighthouse Beach cleanup. It was a bright sunny day on 15 September 2012 at 9:00 a.m. when we started, and temperatures soon reached 70 degrees. 80 volunteers collected 135 pounds of trash in 16 garbage bags. We finished in less than two hours.

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Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club Foundation

Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club Foundation
Year Ended
30 June 2010
Holiday Sale Revenue $  57,594.66
Other Fundraisers 7,020.00
Contributions 40,470.30
Interest & Dividends 44.46
Total Revenue $105,129.42
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Project $  50,000.00
Service Committee Projects 29,491.76
Other Service Projects 37,658.27
Holiday Sale & Fundraising Expense 26,633.22
General & Administrative Expense 120.00
Total Expense $143,903.25

Like many Rotary Clubs, Evanston Lighthouse has a club foundation that raises money for service projects. Our largest fundraiser is the Holiday Sale in November and December. Club members sell fruit, flowers, hams, pecans, and other products to friends, neighbors, and business contacts. Another source of revenue is contributions. The club foundation’s tax status as a 501 (c) (3) organization enables donors to make tax deductible contributions. The relationship between the Rotary Club and the club foundation is similar to the relationship between Rotary International, with about 33,000 member Rotary Clubs, and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF). Large international projects like polio eradication, Ambassadorial Scholarships, and Humanitarian Grants are financed largely by contributions from Rotarians. Every club member is asked to support both the fundraising events for the club foundation, and contribute to the Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary Foundation. Links to projects funded by the club foundation are in the menu bar above. A link to information about The Rotary Foundation is on the menu bar at the top of the Home page.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Project

In 2005, the club foundation began setting aside funds for a $50,000 project to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary in 2010. By accumulating funds over five years, the club foundation was able to support a normal level of projects each year. Steve Carlson chaired the 25th Anniversary Committee that reviewed proposals from twenty-three community organizations. The committee also presented a group of finalists in the selection process at a club meeting, and solicited comments from club members. Since the kitchen remodeling project was able to be completed for less than $50,000, the club was also able to provide the initial seed money for the Evanston150 project.

Mary Lou’s Place Kitchen Remodeling$40,000

Steve Carlson Awards Plaque On 10 May 2010, a celebration was held to celebrate the completion of the kitchen remodeling at Mary Lou's Place, the only comprehensive emergency residential domestic violence program in the northeastern Chicago metropolitan area. Steve Carlson, Chair of the 25th Anniversary Project Committee, presents a plaque to Karen Singer, Executive Director of the YWCA. Karen noted that the old kitchen sent the wrong message to residents, and the new kitchen provides a much greater level of support. Evanston Lighthouse awarded a $35,000 grant plus an additional $5,000 challenge grant to pay for additional costs needed to complete the project. During the spring of 2010, Barry Lundberg managed our volunteers who assisted with remodeling activities like removing old fixtures and painting the new kitchen. Jan Smith coordinated our volunteers who provided supper for residents on two evenings when the kitchen was out of service.


Evanston150 Your Ideas Logo

The second grant, for $10,000, went to Evanston150. In March 2011, this community engagement initiative began by publically inviting residents to not only celebrate the city's 150th anniversary in 2013, but also to envision its future by developing visionary ideas that will benefit the city well beyond 2013. Past club president Barry Lundberg serves on the Steering Committee of Evanston150.

During the summer of 2011, a selection committee identified the most popular 100 ideas from a list of 2,013 proposed ideas. On 15 and 16 October, public voting events choose the 30 most popular ideas from a list of the top 100 ideas. The Final 10 Ideas were announced at Evanston150’s Black Tie & Blue Jean Party on 10 November. In early 2012, idea groups began meeting to implement the top ideas for Evanston’s future.