Paul Harris Fellow Recognition

Paul Harris Fellows

PHF Certificate, pin, & medallion

Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition is given in appreciation to anyone who contributes, outright or cumulatively - or in whose name is contributed - a gift of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants program. The recognition consists of a certificate, pin, and an optional medallion.  Paul Harris Fellow recognition can only be presented to individuals.  A Certificate of Appreciation is given to a business or organization. Paul Harris Fellows can transfer Foundation Recognition Points to other individuals.

Historic Moments: Paul Harris Fellow recognition

Multiple Paul Harris Fellows


Multiple Paul Harris Fellow recognition is extended at subsequent $1,000 levels (e.g., $2,000, $3,000). Recognition consists of a pin with additional stones corresponding to the recipient's recognition amount level.

Recognition Total Pin Level
2,000 to 2,999 one sapphire
3,000 to 3,999 two sapphires
3,000 to 3,999 one sapphires
4,000 to 4,999 three sapphires
5,000 to 5,999 four sapphires
6,000 to 6,999 five sapphires
7,000 to 7,999 one ruby
8,000 to 8,999 two rubies
9,000 to 9,999 three rubies

Paul Harris Fellows at 31 May 2013

Member Level Member Level
A. Louis Allred PHF+5 James N. McGuire PHF+4
George Ammerman PHF+8 Richard C. Moenning PHF+4
Charles E. Bartling PHF+2 Harvey D. Newcomb PHF+1
Harold Bauer PHF John T. Osterlund PHF+7
Bruce G. Baumberger PHF+8 Carol Pandak PHF+4
Karena J. Bierman PHF+1 Karen Quandt PHF+2
Dale L. Bradley PHF+1 Janet P. Remen PHF
Paul A. Brown PHF+3 Keith Sarpolis PHF+5
Fran Caan PHF Eric C. Schmelling PHF+1
Stephen Carlson PHF+3 Menno Scholten PHF+1
Cyndy Crider PHF+1 Gary Schultz PHF+2
Don Crost–Fink PHF Ann M. Searles PHF+7
Marv Edelstein PHF John B. Searles PHF+8
Nancy Franzon PHF Maria L.S. Simon PHF+1
Stephen Goranson PHF+1 Sue Smith PHF+3
Ira E. Graham PHF+1 Dieneba Soma PHF
James J. Grumley PHF+1 Charles R. Staley PHF+1
Donald G. Gwinn PHF+3 Renata Staley PHF+2
John D. Heimbaugh PHF Robert Teska PHF+4
Matthew M. Johnson PHF+5 Charles Uchtman PHF+7
Scott R. Kaplan PHF+1 Jay Vaught PHF
Horton H. Kellogg PHF+2 Bill Vernon PHF+2
J. Samuel Lovering PHF+8 John Walker PHF+1
Barry D. Lundberg PHF+1 Bradley A. Weiss PHF
John Wold PHF